Plant Resources

Education First


As cacti and succulent lovers, we pride ourselves on educating others about these wonderful plants.  Check out our Library, favorite links,  and plant care tips to strengthen your knowledge and grow your collection.

Caring for Cacti


Cacti need very little care, and even less water.  Most cacti die because of too much care, and definitely too much water.  CSSM provides some pointers to keep your pet plants happy and healthy.  They may bloom for you as a present for being so nice!

Caring for Succulents


While there are hundreds of succulent varieties, many require similiar care.  CSSM provides an overview that should apply to many.

CSSM Library


CSSM has a large collection of specialty publications about Cacti and Succulent plants - including books, journals, and DVDs.  Self-education using specialty books is one of the most important and effective ways to become a knowledgeable, competent plant grower.  These books are an invaluable resource that CSSM members are encouraged to use.  

Members in good standing are allowed to borrow copies of most of these books (a few are for reference only and may only be used during meetings).  To borrow and return books you must attend meetings.  The librarian brings the library collection out during meetings and members may look through, take out, and return books with her help.  There is no library access during the December holiday party meeting.

The CSSM library is our pride and joy.  It took many years, much work, and significant funds to put together.  Please treat the books gently, keep them clean, and be mindful that other members also want to use them.   Please return all CSSM library books promptly at the next meeting after you check them out.

Norman Deno Resources

An excellent resource on seed germination for novices and experts to enjoy.