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CSSM Monthly Programs

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CSSM Monthly Programs

January 20, 2018


Can 6 intrepid CSSM members survive 11 grueling days in the Utah desert? Will they find shelter?  Will they find cacti?  Will they find beer?  Come see for yourself as we explore the high desert and stunning vistas of the Beehive State.

Time: 1p-4p

Location: Norfolk Public Library -  139 Main St, Norfolk, MA 02056 

February 17, 2018

Hypertufa Workshop at Tower Hill Botanic Garden.

Come make your own hypertufa planter.     

This will be a messy, dirty, wet and dusty – but fun! – adventure.  

 If you have arthritis, be aware that this can be tough on your hands.  Students  will make as many troughs as they feel comfortable making.  

Hypertufa troughs do need to be cured, but you will take your trough home that day and our own Deb Pope will give you instructions on curing.  

Cost: The club will subsidize $5 and each participant must pay $10, all of which goes  toward materials. 

Register for this workshop at "Contacts, President". Limited to 25 students, but observers are always welcome. Deadline to register is January 27th.


Each student must bring:

1. Dust filter mask.

2. Heavy latex/rubber gloves.

3. Molds. A mold can be almost anything -- a large bowl, dishpan, plastic flowerpots, baskets (without metal “ribs”), or cardboard boxes. If cardboard boxes are used, the box should not be larger than approximately 10” x 18”. Also, a lightweight board or a tray will be needed to put under the box so that it can be transported home.

If the mold is straight-sided, it should not be rigid and the sides should somehow release (like a spring form pan), as cured hypertufa is impossible to remove from a straight-sided, rigid mold.

4. Lightweight plastic sheets or plastic garbage bags to line the molds.

Time: 1 PM - 4 PM

Location: Tower Hill Botanic Garden

 11 French Dr, Boylston, MA 

March 17, 2018

More details to come

Time: TBD

Location: TBD

April 21, 2018 - LIVING STONES!

Explore the World of the Conophyta with Dr. Matt Opel.

Conophytum is a genus of about 100 species of dwarf succulent plants from dry, mainly winter-rainfall areas of South Africa and Namibia. The genus includes living stones, which are camouflaged like rocks, and window plants, which grow mostly buried in the soil, but with transparent patches at the tips of their leaves exposed to gather sunlight.


Matt Opel  grew up in Westchester County, NY, where he developed an early love of plants,  gardening and the natural world; one of his first words was “pachysandra.”  He became  interested in Lithops—the “living  stones”—and other desert plants after visits to the New York Botanical Garden,  and eventually went on to study biology and botany at Cornell University. Matt  received a doctorate from the University of Connecticut after completing studies  of the anatomy, morphology and evolution of the genus Conophytum. In the  course of his research he spent three winters in western South Africa. Tylecodon  opelii, a dwarf  succulent plant that he found on the quartz fields of the northern Knersvlakte  was named in his honor in 2011. 

Time: 1 PM

Location: Norfolk Public Library

May 19, 2018

More details to come

Time: TBD

Location: TBD

June 9, 2018

This year our traditional June Outing will be a picnic at the home of Marc Raibert in Carlisle, MA. All members are invited to bring their own lawn chairs and lunch and to join in the fun as we end another wonderful CSSM year.

Featured at the picnic will be a casual tour of Marc's newly constructed "Ouch House 2", home to many large and beautiful cacti. Don't miss it.

Time: 1 PM - 4 PM: Directions to follow.